Verbatim Transcription

All transcribers are not created equal.

If accuracy is important, consider Advanced Court Reporting for all of your transcription needs.  Our transcribers are highly qualified to give you a certified record of any recording.  If it has a voice, we can transcribe it.

Why Choose Advanced?

Advanced Court Reporting only uses US based transcribers that are qualified to create verbatim transcripts.  Unlike other types of transcribers like medical or general transcribers, the professionals from Advanced are trained to create verbatim transcripts acceptable in the legal industry.  That means that whether you’re a lawyer, a doctoral candidate, a police department, or anything in between, your transcripts will be certifiably accurate.


Advanced was born into the legal industry.  Our team of highly qualified transcribers are trained court reporters.  That means that no matter the quality of audio, you’ll have the most highly qualified people transcribing your recording.  All transcripts by Advanced are certified for accuracy and as such meet the minimum requirements for filing as evidence, plus, our team makes sure to use the best Brief Printing services with full confidentiality.

Doctoral candidates often need transcripts of interviews when compiling their theses.  In almost all cases, a candidate’s degree is dependent on their thesis.  Don’t take chances with cut rate transcription that may be done overseas by non English speaking transcribers.

Police Departments, Occupational Social Workers, and other Health Department officials all use transcripts of interviews and interrogations.  Some try to bring the job in-house and quickly realize the attention to detail that is required.  More than 90% of court reporters drop out of court reporting school.  Rather than dealing with high turnover and inaccurate records, hire Advanced for a certified and verifiably accurate transcript.

Insurance companies will often take Examinations Under Oath of suspicious claims, or those flagged by their Special Investigation Units.  It’s important to have an independent third party create the record for such examinations in the event of a lawsuit as a result of a denied claim.  Having a transcript in hand going into a lawsuit may hedge an insurance company’s exposure to liability.

Mid-sized and large corporations may want their board and shareholder meetings transcribed for compliance purposes.  Hiring an independent third party to record your meetings shows you investors and other stakeholders that you are a transparent organization.